Who can become a member?

All companies meeting the below criteria are eligible to become members

  1. Storage and marketing companies having received permanent license from OGRA.
  2. Local manufacturers of LPG equipment approved by OGRA.
  3. OGRA licensed Auto Gas stations.
  4. Training bodies.

How to become a member?

Why join us?

Membsership Benefits

Unique Global Networking Opportunities

PLPGMA’s powerful industry membership structure provides unique opportunities for members in both mature and developing LPG markets to communicate and create credible partnerships for business development.

PLPGMA provides a platform for information exchange, regularly organizing interactive meetings and in-country workshops between technical experts, senior members and key stakeholders. These events are designed to highlight the benefits of LPG, discuss best practices, and promote the safe and sustainable use of LPG around the world.

Working on Your Behalf

At member request, PLPGMA may assist with specific lobbying actions to support the development of the industry market or to avoid the imposition of legislation and or regulation that is detrimental to the market. PLPGMA has resources to handle members’ questions on all aspects of the business from fuel specifications, codes of practice and benchmarks, LPG equipment standards or providing access to consulting and engineering companies, regulations, safety, model tax policies, new technologies and much more.

PLPGMA members receive regular updates, announcements, newsletters and reports via email with information on WLPGA actions, achievements, projects, international developments and external representation.

Privileged Access to Industry Intelligence

PLPGMA produces reports that are available exclusively for its members. Topics are decided by members and cover a range of interests.

As an example, the PLPGMA Global Statistical Review is consulted throughout the industry and beyond and includes LPG production and consumption data for more than 80 countries. It is free to members and available at GBP 3,750 to non-members.

Dedicated Working Groups

Membership gives you access to any of the dedicated network groups run by PLPGMA. These highly focused groups address various specific aspects of the industry and provide a forum for discussion and sharing of ideas. Being part of these groups gives you the opportunity to actively develop your markets but also shape the future of the LPG sector that most applies to you and indeed the industry as a whole.

The Best Industry Events in the World

PLPGMA organizes the World LPG Forum which is the annual industry event. As a PLPGMA member you are entitled to preferential rates to attend and/or to exhibit at not only the Pakistan LPG Marketers Association Forum but also at PLPGMA Regional Summits and Good Industry Practices Workshops.

The Value of Membership by Company

Producer, Refiner, Shipping or Trading Company

LPG producers, suppliers, shippers and traders are a vital part of the industry. Intelligence on the LPG sector can have enormous value to any organization that aims to serve the LPG business. This is particularly true for producers, shippers and traders of LPG. With the cost of annual membership being equivalent to just a few hours of VLGC earnings, membership can be a very easy decision. PLPGMA membership creates a global platform for the important upstream players to discuss with the major consumers how and where the markets are developing in order to plan a cost-effective infrastructure to support that growth.

Equipment Manufacturing Company

LPG is an exceptional fuel used in thousands of applications, in commercial business, industry, transportation, farming, power generation, cooking, heating, for recreational purposes and many more. However, there is a huge number of potential consumers who are not fully aware of the thousands of equipment and applications that use LPG and are currently available by manufacturers around the world.

PLPGMA hosts within its networks and its various dedicated working groups, projects of specific interest to manufacturers, that create awareness of these products, support the development of selected promising application areas, such as gas heat pumps, combined heat and power units, marine applications etc. These applications are promoted through a dedicated online LPG applications database, Exceptional Energy in Action (www.lpg-apps.org).

PLPGMA membership gives manufacturers a unique opportunity to contribute to, and drive PLPGMA initiatives and activities related to market development and promotion of their own products.

Petrochemical Company

Petrochemical companies are operating in an increasingly complex world, created by ongoing consolidation and restructuring as well as increasing regulation of environment, health and safety activities. Meanwhile demographic shifts are creating new markets, while the volatility in the supply of feedstock provides opportunity to optimize the overall business performance. PLPGMA membership provides valuable intelligence on the trends and developments in this highly dynamic business. Through the association’s unique membership, interaction with major suppliers, customers and key competitors will help your company maintain its competitive edge, enabling you to capture value from today’s opportunities while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

Marketing and Distribution Company

One of the main goals of PLPGMA is to facilitate the development of LPG markets in a safe and sustainable manner. Principally this is done through educating, informing, and influencing all key stakeholders. PLPGMA is also a focal point for the exchange of innovative business practices. Through in-country workshops, regional and global seminars PLPGMA enhances safety and operational practices. With a broad global and regional communications strategy PLPGMA influences policy makers, opinion leaders and the media.

Autogas Company

Autogas is one of the most important and fastest growing segments of our industry and WLPGA is the unique body that unites companies operating in this sector. PLPGMA provides members with a forum for discussion and sharing of ideas and intelligence for developing the Autogas sector through market initiatives, application of new technology and interacting with all key stakeholder groups. At member request, PLPGMA may assist with specific lobbying actions to support the development of the Autogas market or to avoid the imposition of legislation and or regulation that is detrimental to the market. For an automotive manufacturer, WLPGA provides both unique insights into key Autogas markets and represents the established link to the fuel marketers, thus facilitating direct communication with the companies active in this sector.


Associations around the world face many of the same challenges and PLPGMA membership allows you to benefit rapidly from experiences in other parts of the world. The opportunities to learn and share best practices within WLPGA are extensive and are facilitated through its networks of association executive directors, communications.