LPG committee recommends abolition of WHT AST and reduction of GST on commodity,
October 28, 2020
Request for meeting with Pakistan LPG Marketers Association – PLPGMA delegation
January 11, 2022

Dear Members,


A Seminar on “Safety” in use of LPG, is being organized by OGRA after Eid at Islamabad in their Auditorium.

PLPGMA speakers with deliver their views and recommendations on the following subject:-

  1. Mr. Belal Jabbar Memon, Chief Executive Officer, Noor LPG Co. (Pvt.) Limited on use of LPG in Auto Sector.
  2. Mr. Ahsan Mehmood Butt, Chief Executive, BBN Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. On LPG Cylinder and Bowser manufacturing.
  3. Mr. Mohib H. Khan on Safety at Plant, Health, Environment and allied matters and safe practices in transportation of LPG and LPG cylinders.

You are kindly requested to attend the Seminar at Islamabad. Any suggestions from your side for the speakers may be communicated to us at the earliest.

You will be kept informed on progress of the Seminar schedule etc. PLPGMA is also hosting a lunch for the participants. Will appreciate it if member Marketing Companies confirm their participation.

Farooq Iftikhar